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We love to fly and we bring that passion to every facet of our business

The Process

These are the main steps that you will take along your journey to becoming a pilot.  All pilots had to go through them and there many pilots around to help guide you.

Meet your Crew
Come down and meet the staff, other pilots, and students and enjoy a tour of our facilities and aircraft. Just get a feel for what its like to be in and around an airport.  

Sign up for a Introductory Flight
Get the feel of the aircraft, or dive right into your first lesson and start training. Click here for our Introductory Rates or Call (978) 298-5738(978) 298-5738 ext. 1.

Pick a program that best suits your flying desires
Click Here to view our training programs and the detailed requirements for each.

Learn the Fundamental Maneuvers to control the aircraft
This portion of your flight training usually takes between 15-20 hours. There is a saying, “for one to learn to run, one must first learn to walk.” This is absolutely true for anything we learn. Even Tom Brady first had to learn the fundamentals of football before becoming a football legend. Flying is no different Before a student can learn to land, they must learn the principles of aircraft control and how to interact with the airplane. You will progress through the fundamentals by learning different maneuvers. These maneuvers allow you to grasp the concept of aircraft control and give the instructor a platform from which to evaluate and teach you.

Leave your instructor on the ground as your take the aircraft on your first solo flight.

Advanced Maneuvers/Navigation
Move on to more advanced maneuvers and navigation to prepare for Cross Country Flight all the while flying the aircraft solo more and more.  Approximately 10-15 hours of flight training and as much solo flight as you want.

SOLO Cross Country
After your instuctor feel your are ready, your first flight from one airport to another that is at least 50 miles away.

Prepare for your Flight Test
After you are done with all the requirements, you will fine tune all your flight training.  3-5 hours.

Practical Test!
You are now a Private Pilot!