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Ground School

Thinking about Ground school? Noble AirVentures runs a Private Pilot Ground school course all year long. We also run an Instrument Ground school twice a year as well as a CFI course when requested by applicants. 

Noble AirVentures Private Pilot Ground School is a comprehensive instructional program. It is designed to help you develop a thorough understanding of aviation fundamentals, not simply to pass an FAA exam. The course includes clearly defined training goals for each session, positive steps to mastering the material, professionally delivered presentations and training, and objective standards for completion.

Once you graduate our course you will have received the knowledge of all subject matters a Private Pilot is expected to know and more.  This knowledge will give you more confidence in your training and help you complete your lessons with ease. You will also be ready to take and pass the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam.

The class meets once a week for two to three hours for ten to twelve weeks.  We have the ground school running all year long.  Contact us for information on our next class. (978) 298-5738 ext. 1

Update on 5/29/2014: Next ground school class is being set up. Our current class is ending in early July and the next one is expected to start on Wednesday, July 16th. Call for more information or to sign up.

The Private Pilot sylabus consists of classes that run from 6-9pm on a weekday decided by the majority of the class. These classes cover the material as follows:
1: Orientation and meet and greet (1.5hrs)
2: Basic Aircraft Systems and Operation (3.0hrs)
3: Basic Aerodynamics (3.0hrs)
4: Airport Signs and Markings, Radios and ATC services (3.0hrs)
5: Charts and Airspace (3.0hrs)
6: Weather Theory/Hazardous Weather, Aviation Physiology/ADM (3.0hrs)
7: Weather Services (3.0hrs)
8: Performance Charts/Weight and Balance Calculations (3.0hrs)
9: Cross Country Flight Planning (6-9hrs, 2-3 classes)
10: Review and Simulated Testing/Prep for Knowledge Exam (3.0hrs, Pizza provided for evening)


We also run instrument ground schools twice a year. Call for more information on dates and times.

CFI Ground School is currently being set up by our three flight instructors. Coming soon!