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How quickly can I obtain my private pilot certificate?

That depends on how often you can fly each week. Typically, if a student schedules 2-3 lessons each week, training can be completed in 8-12 months. It is important to understand that this is a very individualized process, and most people’s schedules can be easily accommodated.

We recommend a free consultation and facility tour for each student to assess the timeframe and budget needs so that we may custom tailor a training program to your individual needs.

How many lessons per week should I schedule?

If you fly 2-3 times per week, your skill and memory retention are significantly higher. Students

who can only fly on weekends may need a few more hours overall to finish their training.

However, during summer months, sunset is later allowing people who work during the day to fly in the evenings.

How many lessons should I schedule at one time?

Most students find it convenient to schedule 5-6 lessons in advance. This is especially important if there are only certain times of the week that you can fly. Also, several students have a “favorite” airplane that they want to fly the most. Keeping yourself scheduled out at least 4 weeks will also help you complete your training in a shorter period of time and for less expense than other approaches.

How much “homework” is there per week outside of flying?

There’s about a 1:1 ratio with studying and flying; for example, scheduling 2-3 lessons per week will usually result in about 3-4 hours of flying, in which you can expect 3-4 hours of studying.

What are the medical requirements?

To solo an aircraft and ultimately obtain a private pilot license, a pilot candidate must pass a Class III medical examination. The examination must be administered by an FAA approved Aeronautical Medical Examiner (AME). The exam is basically a brief physical to ensure you are in good general health. If you are taking any regular medication, it is a good idea to discuss this to your instructor PRIOR to going to a medical exam. You can find a list of approved medications on www.AOPA.org in the members section, and a list of local approved AME’s.

What happens during bad weather?

During days with low visibility, low ceilings or thunderstorms, instructors will call their students if the flying portion of the lesson is cancelled.

If my instructor is not available, can I fly with another instructor?

Yes. Most of your training typically will be with the same instructor, however, many students and pilots enjoy flying with someone else simply because each instructor can usually teach something new or give a different perspective on a certain topic. Furthermore, Noble AirVentures Flight School strives to achieve consistency in teaching methods among its flight instructors. We encourage flying with other instructors for Stage Checks, at a minimum.

Can I train in an airplane other than the one I start in?

Yes. Students who tend to be taller may find it more comfortable to train in our Cessna 172; this airplane has four seats, and is larger overall than commonly found two-seat aircraft

After I get my private pilot certificate, can I rent an airplane on my own?

Yes. After earning your private pilot certificate, you can rent the same airplane type without any additional instruction.

Is there a minimum rental for long trips?

For overnight trips, Noble AirVentures asks for a minimum of 4 hours per night spent away, as that is what the aircraft would fly at minimum if it were on the field. This minimum can be waived, however, in special circumstances. Please consult with the Chief Flight Instructor to discuss your particular situation.

If I can’t make it for a scheduled lesson, what do I do?

When a change in your schedule prohibits you keeping an appointment for a lesson, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance so that the instructor can schedule another student to use that time and to avoid charges to your account. If there is a special circumstance, please discuss your situation with the Chief Flight Instructor as soon as possible.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes.  Our Gift Certificates can be purchased for any denomination and used for anything that we sell.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer multiple discounts. Some that can save you as much as $1000 off your training.  Call for more information.