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Flying Requirements

Able to Speak, Understand, and Write the English Language
Since aircraft can cover great distances the countries of the world established English as the language of flight. This is to help make flying safer and easier. Imagine having being an international pilot and having to learn the language of every country you fly to.

Age Requirements
There are no age limits to receive flight instruction. However, to solo you must be 16 and to receive your license you must be 17. Proof of age must be verified.

TSA & Citizenship
Since the events of 9/11, regulations and requirements have been introduced to verify the citizenship of potential flight students. The TSA requires that all US students present their passport or birth certificate and ID to the flight school providing training before instruction can begin.

If you are NOT a US citizen, you must first receive permission from TSA before you can begin your training. This is an easy process and is explained on the website www.flightschoolcandidates.gov. Make sure to call us to discuss these requirements before signing up.

Student Pilot Certificate/Medical
Prior to your initial solo flight you must obtain a medical certificate/student pilot certificate from a FAA Medical Examiner. This is a simple physical exam. Discuss this exam with your flight instructor before going!

Written Exam
The FAA requires that all students pass a written examination before being eligible to take the checkride. This test is easily prepared for by taking a Private Pilot Ground School.