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Introduction to Flight

Training Programs

We here at NAV make sure our flight training program meets or exceeds the standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Current FAA regulations require a minimum of 40 hours of flight, which is composed of 20 hours of dual instruction, 10 hours of solo flight, and 10 hours of either.

We structure our training program to meet your needs. There is no specific time limit for training completion. On average with a flight schedule of 1-2 times per week, this being the optimum, most finish their flight training in 8-12 months. We do realize that everyone has a busy schedule and we work with you to meet your personal needs.

The basic training aircraft we utilize are Cessna 172 classics. We make sure to keep updated modern avionics to meet the ever changing world of aviation. Our maintenance staff ensures that our aircraft are kept in immaculate condition and exceed all standards for safety.

Our Federally Certified Flight Instructors are always here to help you learn. They are professional and courteous. They will guide you through the process and train you to meet or exceed all FAA standards. After you have read through this packet if you have any additional questions or want to speak with someone please feel free to call us at 978-298-5738

We look forward to guiding you on your adventure!

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