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We love to fly and we bring that passion to every facet of our business

The Adventure of Flight

Throughout history man has always been enamored with the sky and how to achieve flight. Early man wanted to reach the heavens, modern man the stars. Why is it you want to fly? Some of us want to be airline pilots. For some it has always been their dream. Some do it for the prestige. Some do it to travel. All of us do it for the fun. What can you do with your pilot license? Go anywhere.

The world is open to you.

Feel like skiing in the Arctic Circle? Well jump in your plane and go. Wanna have a weekend trip in Greenland to see the glaciers? All you need is a plane. Hate all the hassle and costs of flying with the airlines? Get your own license and you can cut your costs and travel time by half. Maybe you want to have a fishing trip in Canada? Take an airplane up and land it next or on the lake you want to go to. Maybe you want a weekend on one of the islands. You can be there in under and hour at half the cost of driving there and taking the ferry. With a pilot’s license the world is open to you. You can go just about anywhere you can think of.