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We love to fly and we bring that passion to every facet of our business

Flight Training Center

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Get the most out of your training by learning from the best, brightest, and most committed instructors.

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Aircraft Service Center

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Our FAA certified repair shop can handle inspections, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of most major brands of aircraft.

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Pilot Shop

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We carry the complete line of David Clarke headphones, sectional charts, fuel testers, and a lot more.

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Certified Flight Instructors Position Available

Wanna fly for a superior flight school? Want to fly aircraft that are extremely well maintained and have modern avionics?  Noble AirVentures is looking for motivated full or part time flight instructors for Part 61 and Part 141. All levels of experience accepted. 

Lease to Learn

The Diamond Lease and Learn program brings you guaranteed monthly income for your first year to help cover your finance note while your plane gets established.


Simple & Sensible.

Finally there is a way to make personal aviation make sense without the cost hassle.

Awesome & Affordable.

The program is affordable for everyone, pilots and non-pilots alike.

Diamond Share the way to own a new plane for severely reduced prices!

Finally, there is an Aircraft Ownership option that “Makes the Dollars Make Sense™”

Scenic Flights

​We are an FAA Approved Scenic Flight Center.  We can tailor your scenic flight to almost anything that you want to do. Enjoy a majestic aerial tour of the beautiful city of Boston!  Or fly anywhere your heart desires.  Wherever you choose to go you are guaranteed to never forget it.  Here are some photos of scenic flights that we have done.  Call us to tailor a scenic flight to your needs.  


Introduction to Flight

Training Programs

Welcome to Noble AirVentures flight school!

All of our instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of becoming a pilot. This packet contains several important documents; please review it to ensure you have everything listed and understand what is entailed in obtaining your pilots certificate. If you have any immediate questions or concerns during your flight training, please feel free to contact the Chief Flight Instructor. All comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcomed! We hope you choose Noble AirVentures for your flight instruction. We look forward to helping you find your adventure!


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